I'm an artist, illustrator and designer with a great deal of enthusiasm for creativity and the creative process. 

I'm extremely proficient both on and off of a computer. I sketch and scribble as much as I type and click. I love to bring together the digital and analog elements of art and design. And humor. I'm usually the one laughing at myself and everything else as I work. Fun rules.

I dig conceptualizing ideas and transforming them into real world designs. I relish solving the puzzles of visualization of information.  I can do storyboards and comics to showcase information, validate a flow or just tell a good story. I keep my work organized and know why it matters to have visual guidelines and specs. Details are a big thing.  I've participated in and led design sessions. I paint, I draw, I collage and I compute. I come up with a lot of ideas.  I give all I have to the teams I work with and I am always thankful to continue learning and growing.  I do not write code. 

Creating art with heart is what it's all about. I have been doing it since I was a kid. It's who I am.

Take it easy,